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The power of ONE moment

 “God is in the detail” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) is also sometimes paraphrased as “The Devil is in the details.”

Take Five podcast- Episode 2 – It is natural for us to give summaries or overarching stories of what happens in our lives. And these long narratives play an important role in helping us understand what happens in our lives. But there is also some truth to the saying, “the Devil is in the details.” In episode 2 in my Take Five podcast series, I talk about the progress you can make in understanding complex or confusing situations when you focus on ONE moment and dig deep. I invite you to grab your pen and journal and listen along as I describe how to discover the power hiding in one, single moment.

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Take Five – Episode 2: The power of ONE moment.

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from The Gender Companion

Psychology of Gender, Online, University of British Columbia

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