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Two thought experiments for a change.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Take Five podcast- Episode 4 – Two thought experiments for a change.

In this episode I give you two ways that you can begin to see change how you “see” and “understand” significant moments in your life. In a continuation in my “Journaling with Soul” series, I encourage you to re-envision the moment you have journaled about, first by imagining some new resource or event on the outside of you that could lead to a better-outcome-for-you, and second, imagining some new inner resource, gift, skill, etc. on your inside that could lead to a better-outcome-for-you. What you are trying to do in these two thought — or Gedanken — experiments is to try to create “wiggle room” in a tightly knotted situation; or open up space in a restrictive “thought box.” Sometimes writing your journal entries are not enough to show you a way toward change, evolution, and/or healing. Sometimes you have to get creative and play with some thought experiments and just see what happens. (Click on the last line of this post to hear my podcast).

Bonus: To get you in the thought experiment mood, try watching these.


Take Five – Episode 4 – Two thought experiments for a change

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from The Gender Companion

Psychology of Gender, Online, University of British Columbia

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Take Five – Episode 4 – Two thought experiments for a change


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