Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

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Day 1: Growing gratitude, warming my toes

My 30 days of Gratitude begins today!

My first gratitude challenge for you: “What is an unusual or “homey” thing or activity that makes you feel grateful?”

Today I was grateful for these old wool men’s socks that I cut the toes off to convert them to ankle warmers. Before I go out into the wet mushy Autumn streets, I fold the hems of my pants into the top of these gnarly looking socks so my pants don’t get soaked as I walk in the rain. Then when I am safely inside, I take my clean and dry pant legs out, bunch up the wool sock up around my ankle (where they stay hidden from view), leaving me with very toasty warm feet all day. The natural wool sheds the rain and dirt, my pants stay professional looking, and my feet are dry — unless I decide to splash in puddles. :o)


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