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How did the rose? My counselling blog where I link you to inspirations and practices to increase your engagement with Life and deepen your knowledge of your Self.

bright heart singing “Writing to free Heart and Soul”
Word Whacking “The art of writing, re-writing, and dawdling”

My “something wonderful” links

Here are my links to other professionals who I think offer something
wonderful in their service, writing, music, or art.


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Vocal, Singing, Audition, Song Writing, Performance Coach, Willy Miles Grenzberg

Flourishing coaches, Rita Zamluk, M.A.

Dr, Sandra Parker’s blog

low self-esteem, loneliness, eating disorder, honouring your sexual orientation, GLBT coming out, safely navigating your dating and sexual expression working to stop bullying, contemplating and healing addictions, coping with school and/or family stress, repairing right relations after teenaged shop lifting or other crime, supporting you around your psychological responses to PMS, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage, sexual issues, breast cancer, uterine cancer, breast-feeding problems, post-partum depression, or menopause, giving you support during your illness and medical and diagnostic procedures, giving you choices when you have physical disability or limited accessibility, giving you pre- and post-surgery gender transition support, increasing your understanding of and taking action against sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexist barriers to your career goals/sport activities, and/or giving you support and empowerment around parenting, attachment parenting and/or helping you resist sex-role stereotypes and pressures from family or others