Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

Come home to the REAL you.

for healing addictions and deepening meditation

Come home to your REAL self.
Helping your journey toward becoming Free, Centred, and Healthy.

Offering the Shen Protocol and NADA ear acupuncture in a safe, confidential, small group setting.

Honouring You where You are right now with no judgements or pre-requisites.

Helping You grow while you are resolving  stress, insomnia, pain, addictions to substances, dependency on destructive activities or relationships, trauma, and complications from some healthcare procedures.

Soothing cravings, withdrawal or illness symptoms, “nerves,” racing thoughts, and side effects from some prescriptions or challenging health procedures.

Enhancing your ability to sit in quiet contemplation; deepening your sense of what it means to “come home to You” and helping your connection with your Higher Self.

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