Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

Come home to the REAL you.

Getting CURIOUS about resentment.

An example of a LOVE-based card in my “Resentment monopoly” game.

I really enjoyed giving the Keynote presentation to the Wonderful Folks in the CUPE 3570 Union Pro-D Day in Parksville on Friday. The time flew by but we were able to make a good begininng on the issue of resentment. I talked about how “getting curious about resentment”” leads to more positive changes than “letting go of resentment.”

An example of a FEAR-based card in my “Resentment monopoly” game.

I was surprised by how exciting the issue of resentment is to work on. I see so much potential for Ease, Peace, and Light if we can work on understanding and reframing the deeper spiritual potential that comes bundled up with resentment.

Please contact me if you would like to have a set of playing cards from my new “Resentment Monopoly” game (still under development) or if you would like me to speak at your community group or event.

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