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Thirty days to thank “What Is”

 “I’ll see your gratitude and raise you an invitation: to love what is” — Rumi*

Today is Novemeber 30th and the last day of my public month of Gratitude. Over the last 30 days, even when I struggled with tech problems, account hacking, impossible “being put on hold” line-ups, and not enough time in the day to complete all my work and look after my family and myself, I looked for something around me that was a blessing. Sometimes my inelegant but good-in-a-pinch prayer was, “Please help me get a grip and find some gratitude.” The “good” and the “bad” both motivate me to be my true self and find my right place. Rumi’s words seem to be the perfect end quote for my past month’s lessons:*

“I’ll see your gratitude and raise you an invitation: to love what is.”

I am thankful for what is — and what was — in my Life because it has polished me up and made my True Self shine through. Below is my gratitude recap for this past month. Thank you for coming along on my journey.

This month,
Many things have gone right, thank you.
Many things have gone wrong, thank you.
My close family are all in good health, thank you.
I have practiced yoga most days, thank you.
I have not walked-for-fitness as much as I need to, thank you.
I have been working hard, thank you.
I have met many deadlines, thank you.
I have yet to meet many more deadlines, thank you.
I found time to begin knitting Holiday gifts, thank you.
I have have benefited from time-saving modern conveniences, thank you.
I have felt like a slave to these “conveniences,” thank you.
I have greater clarity about what I am good at, thank you.
I have greater clarity about what wastes my time, thank you.
I have not been writing regularly, thank you.
I still met with my writer’s group and soaked in the good vibes, thank you.
I have slept most nights with sweet dreams, thank you.
I have had some bad dreams, thank you.
I have met  or driven along side some rude or impatient people, thank you.
I spend most of each day with people who cherish me and support me, THANK YOU!

*Note: I think the above quote is by Rumi though I couldn’t find a proper reference; can you help me confirm its author? I found it quoted on this forum

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