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Getting grateful …

Have you ever adopted a practice of Gratitude? I have and it can radically change my outlook and the overall energy I bring to a problem.

Why? I believe that a practice of gratitude changes a person’s neurochemistry and neural activity. This running of a “Gratitude current” recruits more parts of the brain and allows for new cognitive associations that might help a person dig out of a downward spiral of thinking. Note: I want it to be clear that a practice of Gratitude does not give a “sugar coating” to serious problems; and does not provide a way to “get over” painful situations; but rather, it is a method of bringing MORE of oneself along to help resolve the big issues.

Using a practice of Gratitude as a method of shedding Light during Dark times comes down to an issue of resources. Would you rather have more or fewer resources when you find yourself in turmoil, anguish, or depression. Running the “Gratitude current” — being grateful about any little thing at all — is a way to bring along MORE of your psychological and spiritual resources to Life’s great challenges. Couldn’t we all use MORE?

By the way, a good motto for this kind of Gratitude practice is: “When the going gets tough, the Tough get grateful.”

I believe a daily — and, on rough days, an hourly — practice of Gratitude is my main method of staying sane in a crazy-making world. Today I was delighted to receive an email from Carla at happytapper.com inviting any and all to participate in a month of Gratitude starting this November 1st. I plan to keep my journal and favourite fountain pen handy and write 5 things that I am grateful for each day for 30 days. If I get inspired to be more artistic, I will also make some word/photo images (like the kind I make on my iPad using WordFoto) to share here and elsewhere.

Would you like to join me in 30 days of Gratitude? I would love your company on this month-long practice and journey into a place of Light. What might we all discover about ourselves as we take on the challenge of getting grateful?

P.S. Carla sells a gratitude app if you think that might help you.

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