I am pleased to work with a variety of clients, most especially if:

  • you are a Teen (your family members can come, too);
  • you are a Woman wanting support with reproductive health issues (your partner can come, too);
  • you have questions about gender, gender equity, or transgender issues;
  • you have accessibility issues that limit your ability to attend therapy in person;
  • you are living in a remote or international community where counselling resources are limited and you would prefer to meet me online; or
  • you are exploring your spirituality, or searching for greater meaning in your life (e.g., during puberty, midlife, or end of life).

For example, I can help you with: addressing your low self-esteem, loneliness, eating disorder; honouring your sexual orientation, GLBT coming out; safely navigating your dating and sexual expression working to stop bullying; contemplating and healing addictions; coping with school and/or family stress; repairing right relations after teenaged shop lifting or other crime; supporting you around your psychological responses to PMS, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriagesexual issues, breast cancer, uterine cancer, breast-feeding problems; post-partum depression, or menopause, etc; giving you support during your illness and medical and diagnostic procedures; giving you choices when you have physical disability or limited accessibility; giving you pre- and post-surgery gender transition support; increasing your understanding of and taking action against sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexist barriers to your career goals/sport activities; and/or giving you support and empowerment around parenting, attachment parenting and/or helping you resist sex-role stereotypes and pressures from family or others; etc…

You may also benefit from working with me if you experience any of the following:

1) if your physical response to change is: exhaustion, illness, insomnia, nervousness, hyperventilation, dizziness, racing heart, etc.

2) if your emotional response to change is: depression, anxiety, anger, numbness, sadness, loneliness, etc.

3) if your behavioural response to change is: addiction, anorexia, bulimia, disconnecting from loved ones, compulsive tattooing, compulsive cosmetic surgeries, extreme shyness, hyper-sexuality, risky behaviour, wrestling with perfection, not acting like yourself, shop lifting or other crime, aggressiveness (hurtful words or actions towards others), self-harming, etc.

4) if your mental response to change is: racing thoughts, critical judgements of self and others, constant worrying, fear of being judged, phobia, confusion, mentalfog,” indecision, etc.

5) if your spiritual response to change is: despair, hopelessnessworthlessness, the loss of your Faith community, uncertainty about your Life’s purpose, anger at God or The-Higher-Being-of-Your-Understanding, unexplored spirituality, or rupture to your spiritual integrity, searching for new spiritual understandings (from any religious point of view (e.g., Atheism, Humanism, or any of the World Religions)), etc.

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