Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

open your heart and give to this world all of your beauty

Knowing who you really are and making healthy choices while the whole world is changing around you is tough. Your job on our planet is to understand and celebrate your Self and, ultimately, to generously give your talents and gifts to those you feel called to serve. My job, as your counsellor, is to help you notice when Life is inviting you to open your heart and mind. Each moment of change, whether it fills you with fear or joy, comes with an invitation for you to bring along the real YOU — your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your spiritual sensibilities.

But you can get off track. Sometimes, you may be under family or social pressure to be someone you are not. You may pressure yourself to live according to impossible standards of perfection. You may have soul-sapping destructive habits that cause you to give up on providing for your life-sustaining needs. Or you may be overwhelmed by ill health or too many demands. That’s when you are at risk of leaving the real YOU behind. That’s when your life can start to go off the rails.

As your counsellor, it is my job to encourage you to learn about all parts of yourself. It is my job to remind you to attend to the kind caring of your precious Self. It is your job to embrace who-you-really-are and give yourself the gift of growth. It is your job to become the beautiful, kind, and loving Self you are meant to be.

Are you ready to come home to the REAL you?

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(Above quote is adapted from a poem, “How did the rose?” by Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky in The Gift.)

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low self-esteem, loneliness, eating disorder, honouring your sexual orientation, GLBT coming out, safely navigating your dating and sexual expression working to stop bullying, contemplating and healing addictions, coping with school and/or family stress, repairing right relations after teenaged shop lifting or other crime, supporting you around your psychological responses to PMS, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage, sexual issues, breast cancer, uterine cancer, breast-feeding problems, post-partum depression, or menopause, giving you support during your illness and medical and diagnostic procedures, giving you choices when you have physical disability or limited accessibility, giving you pre- and post-surgery gender transition support, increasing your understanding of and taking action against sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexist barriers to your career goals/sport activities, and/or giving you support and empowerment around parenting, attachment parenting and/or helping you resist sex-role stereotypes and pressures from family or others