Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

Come home to the REAL you.

Speak from your “I”

 “Without deep reflection, one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.” (Albert Einstein) and simultaneously focusing on YOUR unique perspectives and experiences gives you a solid foundation in what it means to be YOU in your family and your community. Only you can bring the gift of YOUR truth to share at our humanity’s world-wide potluck celebration. Our collective table will pout and be incomplete until you grace us with your personal expression of “gourmet truth.”

Take Five podcast- Episode 3 – In this episode I explore the importance of your speaking from your “I, me, my, mine, and myself” (the first person singular perspective) so that you shine your focused spotlight on YOU and take centre stage in your own journal. Can you be brave and stay there in your own kind, warm, loving spot light and tell your story? Listen to my podcast, Take Five – Episode 3: Speak from your “I” and then grab your pen and journal or open your computer to give it a try. (Click on the last line of this post to hear my podcast).

Take Five – Episode 3: Speak from your “I”
(c) A drjamm podcast – 2012August16
from The Gender Companion
Psychology of Gender, Online, University of British Columbia

Click this link below to listen to my podcast:
Take Five – Episode 3 – Speak from your I


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