Fostering a welcoming learning environment. Inspiring students. Increasing the joy and satisfaction of teaching.

Can I help your teaching staff learn about new educational technologies, learning activities or professional skills? I customize keynote presentations and workshops to suit your learning institution’s professional development needs. Here is a sampling of some of my previous offerings:

  • Spice of Life: How student “foodie” videos teach about diversity.
  • Team “reading sprees” and comics: Awakening to Truth and Reconciliation.
  • Using comics to rehearse best practice: An example of moving from by-standing to upstanding to sexism and homophobia.
  • Creating Comics to Deepen Student Reflections, Increase Engagement and Have More Fun!
  • Your Life Outside the Box: using your own stories about the young and old heroes in your life to learn a playful and deep way to reflect on your personal and professional journey.
  • Online meetings: methods, manners, and messages.
  • The truth about resentment. Do you resent it when someone tells you to “let go” of your resentment?
  • Work place bullying and right relationships: A special focus on gossiping.
  • Self care during stressful times.
  • Yearning for kind words at work.
  • “iPad for Beginners” and “iPad for Professionals,”
  • Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Mac for beginners.
  • Equity in the Classroom: A presentation on sexism, racism, ablism, etc. in the University classrooms.