Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.

Come home to the REAL you.

for new Mom and Baby …

Counselling and Craniosacral Therapy because You and Baby need gentle care.

Listening to your Heart, Soul, and Body.
Offering sessions in person, by phone, and online.

Well-being supporting Moms with postpartum depression, anxiety, sleep- deprivation, and stress.

Baby feeding treating baby’s colic, latching-on, and sucking problems.

Sleeping improving Mom and Baby’s quality of  sleep.

Soothing treating Baby’s ear and other pain with ultra gentle body work.

Recovering from birth complications relieving Baby’s bio-mechanical stress after a difficult delivery.

Relating coaching loved ones about how best to support the new Parents and learn Baby’s special needs.

Empowering helping Parents discover, believe in, and act on in their own nurturing Wisdom.


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